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New Twist on Inheritance Scam

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We've all familiar with the Nigerian e-mail scam, in which some member of the aristocracy needs your help to get a huge pile of money out of the country. In return for your help, you will be paid handsomely, but first they just need you to give them some money to facilitate the transfer.

When people grew suspicious of their new super-rich friends on a continent where they know literally no-one, the scam turned to a purported inheritance from a distant relative. Millions of dollars waiting for you, but first just pay these handling fees...

Eventually people started to realize that if they had an incredibly rich relative, maybe they would of heard about it, and wouldn't your parents or siblings have also been contacted?

Then, scams moved on to the easiest marks of all: lawyers. People who are overconfident in their own smarts are often the easiest to scam. While they're plotting to rip you off, they never realize they've already been taken. I need your help collecting a divorce settlement, and please wire me the money before the defendant's check clears.

Finally, the scams have reached their logical conclusion: lawyers are running them on other people. The Cleveland law firm of Baker and Hostetler has been implicated in facilitating an inheritance scam which took a total of about one million dollars from nine people and two businesses.

Finding out that your father left you $14.5 million in a bank account in Burkina Faso should be a little fishy. After all, your dad never had that kind of money, wouldn't have kept it in Africa, and is still alive, so you could just call him and ask... But, slap a law firm's name on an obvious scam, and people will fork over their money.

What can we say, sometimes just inflating your billable hours gets dull.

[Courthouse News]

Charlie Crist Stars in New Television Role

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Is there any lower form of pond scum than attorneys with television ads?


A former governor, now working as an attorney, with a television ad.

Gone, and Hardly Worth Remembering

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This week Philadelphia Lawyer takes on bin Laden and 9/11.  I think that's all we really need to say about that.

Gone, and Hardly Worth Remembering.

Use Alternative Fee Arrangement to Bilk Your Clients

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Tired of only getting to scam your clients with boring old billable hours? Then check out the newest article from our law firm marketing, legal technology, and marketing column, Lawyerlite: Use Alternative Fee Arrangements to Bilk Your Clients.

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