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BP Gulf Coast Firm Earns $1.25M a Month

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The law firm handling BP's Gulf Coast compensation is getting a hefty bump in its pay. Feinberg and Rozen will receive an additional $400,000 a month, now up to $1.25 million, for their work in doling out money to those harmed by BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster.

It's hard to judge just how much that is in the world of law firm compensation without a context.  So, here's the context:

Feinberg and Rozen has two partners (Kenneth Feinberg and Michael Rozen, of course).

(Disclosure: As the TARP pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg was responsible for cutting pay to law firms handling the Lehman bankruptcy, including BL1Y's bills.)


GE Boasts Best Tax Law Firm

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In 2010, General Electric (GE) reported worldwide profits of $14.2 billion.  Their profits within the United States were $5.1 billion.

Their US corporate tax burden? Nothing.

Actually, less than nothing.  In 2010, GE claimed a net $3.2 billion tax credit.

Through some incredibly creative (and probably legal) accounting, and a bit of forum shopping and aggressive lobbying, GE is able to avoid paying taxes, and instead take your tax money and put it into its own pockets.  Their in house tax department is widely considered to be the greatest tax law firm in the world.  They get to eliminate their taxes without having to further inflate some white shoe firm's profits per partner.

As an attorney, you can reach the top of an incredibly difficult and complex practice, and still contribute nothing worthwhile to society.  Not hard to see why the profession has lost much of its respect and prestige.  How long is it until Dilbert goes to law school?

[New York Times]

Personal Injury Attorney Dies in Skydiving Accident

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C. Scott Shields, a Philadelphia area personal injury attorney died Friday afternoon in a skydiving accident.  Shields was an experienced skydiver with over 100 prior jumps.  But, on Friday his main parachute failed to open, and his emergency chute, which deploys automatically, failed to properly inflate.

The company with which Shields jumped, Freefall Adventures, had something of a history of fatal accidents.  In 2006, an instructor and student died, in 2005, two others died when their parachutes became entangled, and in 2004, a skydiver died after waiting too long to open his chute.  The company claims more than 250,000 people have jumped with them.

Shields was mayor of Rutledge, a small Philadelphia suburb with a population of about 1000.  He had also appeared on numerous conservative political talk shows, including Hannity and Colmes, and Larry Kane - The Voice of Reason.

In addition to his personal injury practice, Shields also argued constitutional law issues and had represented the National Rifle Association.


[Court Room Guru - Law Office of C. Scott Shields]

NY Firm Launches Bullying Practice

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Great Neck, NY Law firm Wisselman, Harounian & Associates has announced that it will be opening a specialty bullying practice.  From the firm's press release:

The Law Firm of Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C. has started a new group for parents, family members and guardians who are concerned about children who are being bullied in school, on the Internet or anywhere. Family Law attorney Lauren Chartan will share her legal experience and knowledge with family members and discuss the legal recourse that is available. If your child or another family member has recently been victimized by bullying tactics, you are not helpless. Lauren Chartan is knowledgeable and compassionate and this will be a group for sharing and getting legal support.

Have you been bullied at school, on the internet, in an auto accident or anywhere?  Get the money you deserve!

You know what's even more damaging to a kid than being bullied?  Having his mommy sue for an injunction to stop the bully.

Bullying is a natural part of growing up.  Kids learn where they stand in life's pecking order, the victims learn coping mechanisms, and the perpetrators learn where the boundaries are.  Without school-age bullying, grownups won't learn how to stand up to assholes, and assholes won't learn that when to back down before someone snaps and punches them in the face.

[Press Release]

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