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Review: The Lincoln Lawyer (Shadow Hand)

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Our first review is here!

Check out Shadow Hand's thoughts on The Lincoln Lawyer.

Is the Cheese Rolling Festival a Legal Minefield?

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Every year, dating back for centuries, Gloucestershire's Coopers Hill has been host to the annual Cheese Rolling Festival, except for 2010 when the event was canceled due to health and safety concerns (a crowd of 500 showed up anyways for an unofficial rolling).

This June the tradition returns.

The premise is simple enough, a seven pound wheel of Double Gloucester hard cheese is rolled down a very steep hill (45 degrees in some places), and participates race down the hill after it.  The cheese gets a slight head start and travels too fast for participants to catch, but the first to cross the finish line at the bottom (under either their own power or that of gravity) wins the cheese.

It's like the premise behind a torts exam.  In fact, it looks so much like an issue-spotting exercise waiting to happen that attorney Tracey Ashford has penned an open letter to the events organizers warning them about the legal perils of hosting the race:

"The British public has become increasingly aware of their legal rights and are now more willing and more able to resort to legal action to obtain redress for injury, loss or damage caused by another party.

"Every person who slips or trips at your event is a potential claimant. Every item of equipment or property coming on site carries the risk of being damaged.

"Everyone in business needs liability insurance - the events sector is no exception. Whether your event is a breakfast meeting, car boot sale, international convention or festival, there are always risks no matter how seemingly innocuous the event.

"[...] The potential for disaster is horrifying.

"To stage an event like this without liability insurance and without adequate safety and security measures in place is seriously asking for trouble.

"The risk of one or more competitor injuring themselves is not just a possibility but - based on past experience - a very real probability.

"Then there is the cheese itself - a seven pound unguided missile travelling at around 100 feet per second - quite capable of causing serious injury or even death to anyone or any pet in its path, not to mention the possibility of damage to property or vehicles at the foot of the hill.

"Anyone considering organising a cheese rolling event should first of all carry out a risk assessment exercise and then take adequate precautions to minimise the risks identified."

The organizers already take the precaution of having ambulances standing by, though in 2005 there were so many injuries that some people had to wait for the ambulances to return from the hospital to pick up more casualties.  Perhaps Buzz Killington has a point here, but we don't think the threat of a little litigation should get between a town and its seven pound high-speed unguided cheese.

[This is Gloucestershire]

[Festival website]

Walk Before They Make You Run

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This week The Philadelphia Lawyer answers a student's questions about what classes to take third year.

Read it here: Walk Before They Make You Run

Ex-Judge Roy Moore Speaks at Iowa Marriage Rally

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De-gaveled Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy "Ten Commandments" Moore spoke last week in Iowa at a rally in support of amending the state's constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

If you can stomach it, here's the video:

In response to Moore's comments about the penumbra of rights, we can only say this:


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