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Egypt to Ban Demonstrations

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Amid wide spread support for constitutional reforms that would make Egypt a far more open and free society, the nation is poised now to take a giant step backwards.

Egypt's cabinet has endorsed a law that would make it illegal to engage in any protest or strike that would disrupt the country's economy.  The law is largely aimed at preventing labor strikes, but any large scale demonstration would likely have a negative immediate affect on the nation's economy.

Under the new law, which must still be approved by the ruling military council, the demonstrations that ousted President Hosni Mubarak from power would be illegal and carry a penalty of up to one year imprisonment or a fine of EGP500,000 ($84,000).

At least we waited until 1798 to pass the Alien and Sedition Acts.


Blind Drunk Justice Season 2 - Episode 5

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New episode of Blind Drunk Justice is available.

This week Namby tries a Manhattan for the first time, BL1Y steps it up a notch with Wild Turkey 101, and the two drunk idiots discuss the SmallLaw bickering between Lawyerist and Technolawyer, cheerleader lawsuits, lawyer salaries, bad law firm management, and how absofreakinglutely idiotic Alabama's mandatory professionalism CLE was.

Seriously, 6 hours of class plus 2 hours of travel each way for less substantive education than you get from learning about the fee tail.

(If the new episode does not appear on the playlist, close this window, clear your web browser's cache, and try again.  Or, download it here.)

Large Numbers of Law, Week of 3/21/11

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New in this week's Large Numbers of Law, we take a look at the racial composition of the top 5 most and least diverse law schools based on the US News diversity index.

Read it here.

Panama (City Beach) Catches Revolutionary Spirit

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Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen... Historians will debate for decades and possibly even centuries to come what ignited the people of the Middle East to rise up against their long-standing rulers.  A lack of fundamental democratic rights? Poverty? Abuse by state police?

We submit that the revolutionary winds that have been sweeping the Middle East have nothing to do with the nations' economies, politics, or religion.  All that is needed to cause people to rise up is a dictator and a lot of sand.

Submitted for your consideration, Panama City Beach Burger King:

The woman who got on top of the counter was identified as Kimesia Smith of Montgomery, AL.  She has been arrested on charges of simple battery.


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