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Pedophile Sting Operation Shut Down by Unaware Web Host

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Last year, the Department of Homeland Security launched an undercover internet sting operation designed to catch pedophiles.  The site, Precious Treasures Holiday Company, purported to offer trips into Canada for the purpose of engaging in sex with minors. The name of the site is intended as a reference to PTHC, an abbreviation for preteen hardcore.

The site has led to at least one conviction and several other investigations.  But, the cover worked too well.  Acting upon tips of inappropriate content, the website's hosting company shut it down, unaware it was operated by the DHS.

One of the people the site caught was US Army Sergeant Jason Talbott. He was hit with a child pornography charge when he provided a picture of a naked underage girl to prove he wasn't FBI.  Oh the irony.

What really sets this sting operation apart from all others though is the Homeland Security's amazing use of grammatical errors.  Here is the fake company's logo, we'll let you figure it out on your own:

"We Help Make Your Fantasy’s Come True!"

[The Smoking Gun]

MoFo Looking at New Digs

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Morrison Foerster has signed a letter of intent for 200,000+ sq. ft. of office space in a new office building under construction at 250 W. 55th Street in Manhattan.  MoFo would occupy about one quarter of the glass tower when completed.

The project was previously put on hold in 2009 when the market tanked, but having MoFo as an anchor tenant would get construction moving again.

The building will have 25,000 sq. ft. of commercial space, a fountain in the lobby, and a rooftop garden atop the third floor where tower sets back.  It's also right on top of the 50th St. ACE and 12 subway lines (big deal when it's raining).

Also, the building is really freaking cool looking.  Having a nice building may not be the biggest concern to many lawyers, but remember that you're going to be spending more time there than in your own home.  This sure beats looking at a drab, gray building on your way in every morning.

No word on when the building is expected to be complete.

[New York Post]

Illinois to Relax Smoking Ban

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Two new bills in Illinois would bring back smoking in casinos and bars.

House Bill 171 would allow casinos to have special smoking rooms, provided they are ventilated, smoke does not go into other parts of the casino, and you have a written note asking to enter.  Seriously.  The new law requires a written request to light up a cigarette.  You can lose your home gambling, but please, think twice about smoking.

House Bill 1310 is a bit more reasonable.  It would allow smoking in bars, and no formal declaration of your intent to smoke.  The bar would only be required to place a sign outside indicating it is a smoking establishment.  We're sure no bar is going to have a problem with that bit of advertising, it's like requiring albums with profane language to be labeled as such, it's basically a selling point.

To qualify as a bar, no more than 10% of revenues can come from the sale of food.  So, remember, for every 1 burger you eat, you'll need to have at least 10 beers.

[New Lenox Patch]

US News Takes the Lead on Law School Transparency

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US News has announced that they will changing the way employment rates are calculated and the amount of data provided to prospective students.  No specific details were released, but this looks like a very positive step in the right direction.

US News further called on the ABA to set higher standards for reporting employment information, and on law schools to provide honest data.  A letter from US News to all law school deans also discussed the excuses provided by law schools in their failure to give an accurate picture of the jobs graduates were getting (many law schools cite privacy concerns and the cost of collecting the data):

"Many graduate business schools are meticulous about collecting such data, even having it audited. The entire law school sector is perceived to be less than candid because it does not pursue a similar, disciplined approach to data collection and reporting."

Perhaps the new reporting will spur the ABA into action, going from sitting around talking about maybe doing something in a meeting in the future, to perhaps the radical step of creating an action item list.

New law school rankings will be published on March 15.

[US News]

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