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How to Drink at the Office

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New article from the Philadelphia Lawyer provides practical advice for everyone's favorite hobby: getting blotto on the jobbo.

Read it here: How to Drink at the Office

MS Law Students Step Up to Provide Investment Adviser Regulations

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A group of students in the Mississippi Law School Business Law Society are hoping to create a Self-Regulatory Organization for independent investment advisers.  The SEC reviewed only 9% of the 11,000 registered advisers last year, and the SRO is an attempt to take over that process, provide reviews of 100% of registered advisers, and hopefully prevent Finra (which regulates brokers) from expanding into the independent investment adviser realm.

"We can't see the Statute of Liberty from here, but we can give Finra a run for its money," said Mercer Bullard, a securities law professor at the University of Mississippi.

...We hope that's a transcription error.

Of course, it would be hard to compete with an established body like Finra, but the students at Mississippi Law, but according to Finra spokeswoman Nancy Condon, they might not have to:

We welcome the recognition by Professor Bullard that SROs can and should play a critical role in the oversight of investment advisers. Finra has always believed that authorization of one or more qualified SROs to augment the SEC's oversight of investment advisers would provide critical investor protection to customers of advisers.

We wish good luck to the students at Mississippi Law.  Hope this pans out for you, wouldn't want you to give up precious drinking and foolin' around time for nothing.  Also, please don't screw up the economy.  Okay?  Thanks.

[Investment News]

LeBron James Sued by The Opera Nightclub

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LeBron James was scheduled to make an appearance on March 17th at Atlanta's The Opera Nightclub, but has since said he intends to renege on the deal.  Opera had agreed to pay James $25,000 for a one hour appearance and had already put down a $12,500 deposit.  James's agent later told Opera that Gold Room had made a competing offer, and they would need to pay an addition $6000 (half upfront) for James's appearance.  The Opera agreed, but now James wants out of the deal entirely.

Though James has offered to refund the money, Opera is filing suit anyways.  Anyone who's been through 1L Contracts knows that specific performance is damn hard to get, though they might be able to get reliance damages.  More importantly though, Opera wants the court to enjoin James from appearing anywhere else that evening.

We think the whole thing is a bit stupid.  Sure, it's easy money, but it's also LeBron James.  Gazillions of dollars a year from his salary and endorsements.  Does he really need another $25k? And does he know what happens to famous athletes in nightclubs?  They get shot.

And come on, Opera.  $25k to have this guy make an hour appearance?  Did you see the last hour long appearance LeBron James made?

[Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Texas Bill Would Ban Discrimination Based on Belief in Creationism

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Texas House Bill 2454 would provide protection to professors and college students who believe in intelligent design:

An institution of higher education may not discriminate against or penalize in any manner, especially with regard to employment or academic support, a faculty member or student based on the faculty member's or student's conduct of research relating to the theory of intelligent design or other alternate theories of the origination and development of organisms.

The bill is rather measured.  It doesn't say that colleges have to teach intelligent design, or to give intelligent design and evolution equal weight in the class room.  An exam isn't a test of your beliefs, but rather of your understanding of the material (no one really believes that Bottom was turned into a Donkey, but you can still have tests on A Midsummer Night's Dream).  The actual effect of the law is a bit mysterious, though the Texas Freedom Network suggests it may be an attempt "to portray themselves as persecuted in mainstream academia for their anti-evolution beliefs."

[Texas Freedom Network]

[Text of the bill]

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