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Blind Drunk Justice Season 2 Episode 3

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Cigarettes, cookies, and fat bucks all on the next Blind Drunk Justice! New episode available now.

France Recognizes Libyan Revolutionary Government

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France has become the first country to formally recognize the legitimate status of the revolutionary forces in Libya, and there will be an exchange of ambassadors between Paris and the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

Further strengthening the ties between the two, France has proposed air strikes against the Gadhafi's loyalist forces, though it is unclear whether France is suggesting it would take unilateral action, or is simply urging the United Nations into action.

France getting its military involved in another nation's attempts to overthrow an oppressive regime and establish democracy?  Like that's ever going to work...

[France 24]

Woman Comes to Court with Monkey in Bra

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A woman, who has not been identified, entered an Amherst County, VA courthouse, with an unusual accessory.

While filling out routine paperwork, she made reference to her daughter.  When the clerk asked where the daughter was, the woman produced a tiny monkey from her bra, dressed in a small diaper and white dress.

The monkey, er, "daughter," was named Kara, and the woman didn't think it proper to leave her at home by herself.

When security personnel were asked how the monkey had gotten through, they gave what sounds to us like a reasonable answer:

"It wasn't armed."


Howrey Dissolves, What About the Associates?

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Howrey announces its dissolution, employees are given their WARN Act notice.  What happens next?

Read our thoughts on the matter here: Howrey Dissolves, What About the Associates?

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