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What Didn't Get Judge Napolitano Fired

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Don't believe everything you see on the internet folks. Unless of course, it's a Firefly episode synopsis on Wikipedia, those things are monitored like they're the Vatican's secret gold (not to be confused with the Vatican's publicly displayed gold).

A rumor has been circulating that Judge Napolitano has been fired from his job at Fox Business, following this rant against the two party system and the main stream media:

The rant is of course real, and Napolitano's show has been cancelled, but the claims that he was canned for the rant are unfounded. A similar rumor is going around that he was fired after an anti-Israeli rant in which he said that Israel is more dangerous to the US than Iran because Iran can't really attack us, while Israel can drag our forces into foreign wars. That is actually true. Iran isn't a military threat to the US, and defending Israel puts more American lives at risk. But, by the same logic, we put the police more at risk when we ask them to respond to domestic violence calls and foil bank robberies. They'd be safer guarding the police station. Safety just isn't the end of the inquiry.

Either way though, neither segment got Napolitano canned. The truth is that Fox Business has sacked its entire prime time line up, cancelling Power & Money with David Asman, and Follow the Money with Eric Bolling. Napolitano and the others have been kept on as contributors, so they weren't fired at all. They just lost their shows.

And, their shows weren't cancelled for their content, but rather the remarkably poor ratings. Fox Business News draws fewer than 50,000 viewers during prime time. By comparison, CNBC does close to 200,000, MSNBC does over 1 million, and Fox News is close to 2.5 million.

In a way, it's disappointing that Napolitano wasn't sacked for his views. Not that we think his views warranted a sacking, but rather that the entire question of whether to cancel a show or keep it on comes down to viewers, not the quality of the program. Fox Business, unlike it's more popular sibling, does a pretty decent job in terms of providing actual news and not being terribly hacky, and they get canned. At the same time, you'd probably get to keep a show on Fox News just by ranting about how Obama's in secret league with the Golden Golems to sell America to the abortionists. If that doesn't cut it, add in incoherent equations scribbling on a chalkboard and spend a full two minutes of the show blowing on a vuvuzela, that ought to add another 20,000 viewers.

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