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More Black Label Law Dictionary

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[This is an update to the Black Label Law Dictionary. You can read the full version here.]

Advisement. Lack of consideration or deliberation. <I'll take that under advisement.>

Bench. (1) The court considered in its official capacity. (2) What conservatives believe activist judges should be warming.

Cestui. From French, 'he who.' <He who wants to practice law now needs to know Latin and French.>

Cestui que trust. Seriously, in addition to Latin, now you need French.

Cestui que trustent. Bad French, at that.

Cestui que use. Mother fracking French, and sometimes it looks like it's blended with English.

Cestue que vie. C'est la vie.

Corporate personhood. The concept that people who don't know about corporate law really need to stop trying to make policy regarding business organizations.

Deed. See: Horizontal privity.

Defalcation. Embezzlement or other unlawful passing of goods.

Ebb and flow. The coming in and going out of tide. Used in contrast to 'res ipsa loquitur,' ebb and flow indicates that no explanation is possible. Alternatively, 'sun goes up, sun goes down,' has the same meaning.

Family leave. The best part of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other large holiday gatherings.

Grade. An incremental step in the scale of punishments for offenses, based on seemingly arbitrary factors, and often coming weeks or months late.

Horizontal privity. See: Knock-for-knock agreement.

Interlocutory. Interim or temporary, not constituting a final resolution of the whole controversy.

Interlocutory appeal. Temporary appeal, such as during a period of intoxication, recovering from a breakup, or when otherwise experiencing lowered standards.

Knock-for-knock agreement. See Partnership.

Labor. (1) Work of any type. (2) A broad based political interest aimed at increasing compensation while decreasing work.

Neutron-activation analysis. A method of identifying an analyzing physical evidence by measuring gamma rays emitted by a sample of material after that material has been bombarded with neutrons in a nuclear reactor. One of several origin stories for super lawyers.

Ninth Amendment. No one really knows.

Opinion. (1) A belief of little consequence. (2) A belief with the force of law.

Partnership. See Deed.

Sanction. (1) Official approval or authorization. (2) Penalty imposed for unapproved or unauthorized action.

Sanctuary. (1) A safe place, especially where legal process cannot be executed. (2) The realm created when Inarius and Lilith hid the Worldstone from the High Heavens and the Burning Hells, and where they spawned the race of the Nephalem.

Terrorism. The use or threat of violence to intimidate or cause panic, especially as a means of affecting political conduct, such as a security arm of the government using a threat of violence in order to gain greater powers.

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