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William Robinson is a Stupid Dick

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Normally we like to rise above the bile and toilet talk that swirls around the law school scam movement, but in this case we're willing to make an exception.

ABA President William Robinson is stupid, a dick, and a big stupid dick.

We don't feel bad about saying that, because he's basically gone ahead and said it himself in an interview with Reuters:

It's inconceivable to me that someone with a college education, or a graduate-level education, would not know before deciding to go to law school that the economy has declined over the last several years and that the job market out there is not as opportune as it might have been five, six, seven, eight years ago.

Anyone who's been following the Lathaming, and the transparency movement, and the slow implosion of the legal market knows that law professors repeat the mantra that law school continues to be a good investment, in spite of the recession, and has tremendous long term potential. The Dean of Cooleys has even offered up the absurd line that there is only a 1.5% unemployment rate among lawyers. It's inconceivable that a law school dean would not know that the market has declined, and inconceivable that the President of the ABA wouldn't know what message law schools are sending to prospective students.

Is this idiot unaware that even despite the continued marketing campaigned designed at deceiving 0Ls about employment prospects (including a roughly 100% rate of schools providing misleading and incomplete data), there were people who enrolled in law school before the bottom fell out? Remember the Lathaming? Do ya? Do ya punk?



Robinson also said that schools fighting over top professors are the only reason prices have gone up. Yeah, because New York Law School is really going to be snagging top talent away from NYU. "None of the studies show that the ABA rules of certification are what's responsible for the cost of legal education."

Here's a study for you, bucko:

The ABA allows for only 20% of a law school's professors to be anything but tenure track, and counts full time non-tenure professors as only 0.7 persons and adjuncts as 0.2 persons for student-teacher ratios, regardless of the hours they actually work. Law schools could drive down costs by hiring more adjuncts and replacing many professor-scholars with pure instructors. Two tenured professors teaching a total of 16 credit hours in a year between them count as 2.0 professors. A single non-scholar would probably cost less than half, could teach 18 credit hours a year, but would only count as 0.7 professors. And, of course, student-teacher ratios are part of the ABA accreditation standards. So nooo, no way the standards could have anything to do with costs.



And finally, we get this little nugget of wisdom:

It's a complex question as to whether the cost is higher than it should be or is justified.

What? I... just don't... FFfffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

Are you serious? Even professors making fat stacks at overpriced schools admit that the costs are too damn high. They don't turn around and convert their salaries into research stipends, but they at least try to act sympathetic and concerned. This has to quite literally be the first time in the whole legal education crisis discussion that someone has said "You know, I'm not really sure if law school is too expensive."

How the fuck did you become ABA President?

Not, like, how did you politic your way in, but how did you manage to perform the complex respiratory trick known as "breathing" long enough to get elected to the office?


The real kicker is the whole context that his interview with Reuters took place in. Law schools are on the ropes, more and more professors are acknowledging that something's gotta give, and here is the President of the ABA gleefully taking a dump on people who have spent the last few months or years watching their entire futures slowly slide down the drain.

This is like watching the Nazis invade Poland in 1939 and saying, "Well, what did the Polish think was going to happen? Why didn't they just read their history books? Fuck 'em, they should have known better."


Jesus Christ, Bill. You can get away with being a dick so long as you're not stupid, and you can get away with being stupid so long as you're not a dick. But a stupid dick? Come on, man. Don't be a stupid dick, you big, stupid dick.

[Chicago Tribune]

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