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More Black Label Law Dictionary

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[This is an update to the Black Label Law Dictionary. You can read the full version here.]

Arrear. The state of being behind in the payment of a debt or the discharge of an obligation. <You’re late on just one loan payment, and suddenly Sallie Mae’s all up your arrear.>

Book. (1) To record the name of a person arrested in a police ledger. (2) To receive the highest grade on a law school exam. Note that the definitions are distinguished by the color of handcuffs involved.

Cash equivalent. No such thing, insist on cash.

Dead letter. Thorn (þ), eth (ð), wynn (ƿ), yogh (ȝ), ash (æ), and ethel (œ).

Electric chair. A chair that is wired so that electrodes can be fastened to a condemned person’s head and one leg and a lethal charge passed through the body for the purpose of carrying out a death sentence. A considerably less fun form of execution than the electric slide.

Force manure. Shit happens.

German. Having the same parents or grandparents; closely related.

Handwriting. An inferior and largely obsolete way of taking an exam, especially a bar exam.

Identity. Sameness in all that constitutes the objective reality of a thing, or the distinguishing character or personality of an individual. If you have just agreed to the latest iTunes terms and conditions, use the alternative iDentity.

Main pot. The leaf of the plant, as distinguished from the stems and seeds.

Nomography. The art of drafting laws. (Obsolete)

Overage. An excess or surplus, especially of years in age.

Pourover trust. The faith placed in a corset by an extremely busty woman.

Seal. (1) To authenticate or execute a document. (2) To close tightly. (3) To prevent access to. (4) A solitary tower at sea that is progressively becoming more gray. (Obsolete) (4) A recently formed light on one’s dark side. (5) A drug that produces an intoxicating effect without the use of a pill. (6) The act of having one’s eyes enlarged in the presence of snow such as to allow the perception of a previously unseen light. (7) That which is comparable to a kiss from a rose on the gray.

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