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About Law Blah Blah

Law Blah Blah is a podcast hosted by BL1Y, but we you loyal fans are the co-host. You know how there's always some law-related topic you think is really important and interesting, but your coworkers don't want to hear about it, your friends will disown you if you bring up that boring shit again, and your girlfriend "lives in Canada," well this is your opportunity to get whatever you're thinking about off your chest.

Here's an FAQ to explain how this whole thing is going to work:


An FAQ? Do you really think anyone will believe you have frequently asked questions about your little podcast?

It stands for "Fucking Annoying Questions..."

You must be a ton of fun at parties.


What do I need to participate?

You'll need an internet connection, Skype, a semi-decent headset, a place free of background noise, and a topic.


How decent of a headset?

Basically anything better than yelling at your computer's built-in microphone will do.


But I don't have any recording software!

God, you're thick. Was recording software one of the things we said you needed? No. So I guess that means you don't need-

Actually, if you read what we said you needed and thought that somehow maybe meant you needed recording software then you're retarded and we don't want you on-

Wait, we do want you if you're that retarded. This is going to be hilarious.


Okay, then what?

You'll e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with "Law Blah Blah" in the subject line. You'll need to include what topic you want to discuss, a link or two to any news coverage or other relevant material someone discussing the topic would need to be familiar with, a little bit of background about yourself (don't worry, we can keep you anonymous), and tell us your availability in the next week.


What sort of topics do you want?

It's not about our wants, it's about what you want.

But we want legal topics. And by legal, we mean anything remotely related to law which a lawyer and law student audience would find interesting. Legal issues, stupid crimes you saw in the news, politics, economics, work related stuff, South Korea Real Money Auction House Diablo III release date conspiracy theories, pretty much anything. Can be anywhere on the spectrum of serious to silly, and "hey, I'm having trouble understanding this case for class" is totally fair game, just make sure you send us the case.

Not so much sports. Yes, BL1Y is a football fan, but by "football" that just means "Alabama football," and only while a game is actually on TV. Though, sports+law is totally okay, like issues with fines or child rape, though not lockouts, yeah, that's a legal thing, but we don't want to talk about lockouts, that's boring.


Does it have to be a news topic?

Not really.


I have so many things to talk about, can we talk about all of them?

No. At least, not in one episode. Pick what you most want to talk about, and if you still have more things that none of your friends will discuss with you, you can come back as a co-host for another episode.

If you want a whole hour to discuss everything going on in your life, make an appointment with Dr. Rob.


What if I'm not sure I'll be good at this?

BL1Y knows for a fact he'll suck at this, and yet he's still willing to do it.

There will be some post-production work to cut out all the really crappy bits, and if the whole thing is just god awfully painful to listen to it'll go in the rubbish heap. Odds are though, you're going to do just fine. You know how to talk to another human being, don't you?


Actually, I don't know how to talk to other human beings.

Well then, what a great way to practice!


How long will this take?

Since we want to just do single-topic shows that go for only 5-10 minutes, not very long. You should probably set aside 30 minutes though, for technical issues to be worked out and just in case things run longer than expected.


Do I need to be drunk?

You're thinking of Blind Drunk Justice.

The answer is no, but it doesn't hurt, and it's certainly not discouraged. However, you should at least be at a functional level of intoxication.


Speaking of Blind Drunk Justice, does this mean that show is over?

Oh hell no. The only podcast recognized in the 2011 ABA Journal Blawg 100 isn't going anywhere. We're just adding another show.


Will this help me to have sex with BL1Y?

Almost guaranteed.


But I don't want to have sex with BL1Y!

Well then you should have thought about that first.

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