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Advertising Opportunities

Just What is this Place?

Ha! The fact that you had to ask just shows how out of touch you are with the legal community. But, don't worry, we can help. Constitutional Daily is a legal news, commentary, and entertainment site, aimed largely at law students and younger lawyers.

"Constitutional Daily is a young blog but an influential one."

- ABA Journal

We are regularly a source of material for Above the Law, and have been cited by the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, the ABA Journal, and numerous other legal industry sites, and were named one of the top law blogs in the ABA Journal's 2011 Blawg 100, and Business Insider's Top 15 Most Influential Law Blogs.

While most companies will be hesitant to advertise with a younger, mid-sized site, you should consider that this provides you with a unique chance to make an impression on the audience. You're not just one of another dozen corporate sponsors jumping on a band wagon. You're the company that keeps a reader's favorite site in business. That's an opportunity to build customer loyalty that you just can't buy ...well, actually you can buy it. In fact, we're selling it.


Why Advertise Here?

Mostly for the same reason you'd want to advertise anywhere that has a large readership of lawyers and law students. Lawyers as a group are relatively affluent and fairly homogeneous. They tend to consume a lot of the same shiny trinkets, booze, and legal research tools.

But, let's look at what makes Con Daily different.


A Distilled Audience

While some sites worship at the altar of Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a 4-letter word here. We focus instead on referrals and word of mouth. We might take a hit to our traffic, but this is good news for you. Search engine traffic means a lot of random looky-loos. Relying on referral traffic from other legal industry sites means we have a concentrated legal audience. Buying advertising here means wasting less money on people who aren't your target audience.

Most of our traffic is from the United States, meaning you won't be spending money to get your ads viewed by people in India and China. (Nothing wrong with that audience, if it's who you want to reach. But, if that's not your market, here you won't be paying for them.) Our internal server logs also show that less than 0.3% of traffic comes from bots.

You may also be wondering about the size of our audience. We tend to have around 6000-7000 unique visitors each week. In our first 22 months of operating we generated more than 3 million ad impressions. (Our Twitter button uses our advertising module, so we know exactly how many ad impressions we're generating.)


That's just what makes our audience different. The site itself also boasts a feature that you should consider.

Or, rather, it boasts a lack of features.

A Chance to Stand Out

We like to keep the design simple. That's partly because of our limited design skills (we are a bunch of lawyers, after all), but we also take the Millennium Falcon philosophy: "She might not look like much, but she's got it where it counts."

Many other sites have slick, polished layouts, and lots of colorful, exciting graphics. That might look great, but what does it mean for your advertisement? It means your ad is just another visual lost in a sea of graphic design. Add on top of that the fact that some sites run 3, 4, 5, or even more advertisements at the same time, and advertising becomes like competing for attention in Times Square or at a NASCAR rally.

By keeping things simple, we ensure that your advertisement gets the attention it deserves. We offer only two banner positions, and we plan to keep it that way. Any more than that becomes obnoxious to the readers, and makes your investment less valuable.


Advertising Ninja Assassins

We're also ad blocker resistant. Switch on (or off) your ad blocker on some sites, and you'll see a world of difference. The ad blockers that come with most web browsers do a great job most of the time, but with us, we're just not affected.

Now, think about who uses ad blockers. It's the younger, tech savvy crowd. Is that who you'd most like to reach? Again, we're doing everything we can here to make sure your ad dollars go to reaching your most valued audience.


What's This Going to Cost Me?

Not that much!

We can offer rates that are competitive with the rest of the major legal blog market, and when you combine that with the fact that you're getting your target audience concentrated, and your ad will actually get some attention rather than being ignored, we think you'll find that Constitutional Daily is one of the best advertising deals out there.

To find out more, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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