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Professor Crawford: Feminists Hate Women, Or Something

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Another law journal has failed to publish a satisfactory number of articles by female authors, and once again feminist hack Professor Bridget Crawford (Pace) has her panties gender neutral knicker in a bunch over it.

The latest infringement on gender identicalness is the University of Toronto Law Journal. Yeup, even with their legendary politeness, it turns out our Canadian neighbors are still just a bunch of bigots. How bad is it in the land of snow and poutine? The thing written by a woman in the latest issue was a book review. Not a single article had a female author. And how many had male authors?


Three! Do you know how many three is?

It's three more than zero! That's how many it is!


Naturally, Professor Crawford doesn't provide the most important bit of information for making this lack of women at all relevant: the number of articles submitted by women. 0 out of 3 would be significant if say, half the articles submitted were by women. There'd only be a 1 in 8 chance of getting 3 written by men if choosing at random.

So, why hasn't she asked them how many articles were submitted by women? Or more generally, conducted a study on the total number of articles written by women as compared to the number of articles written by men?

Because fuck data when you have uninformed moral outrage, that's why. The data might show that you're wrong, but you already know that you're right, and so if data might contradict that, then you know data is irrelevant.

What makes Crawfish's criticism of the Toronto Law Journal so bizarre is the identity of its editor. The editor is not just a woman, but is Professor Karen Knop (Toronto is peer reviewed). Professor Knop is the author of Diversity and Self-Determination in International Law and is the editor of Gender and Human Rights. She has also served as the rapporteur for the International Law Association's Committee on Feminism and International Law.

Maybe Professor Knop, despite being a woman, actually hates women, you know, due to social influences that tell women to be jealous and spiteful of other women. But, this creates an internal conflict in her, and driven by guilt over her hatred of women she devotes a great deal of time and energy to feminist causes.

Or, maybe the top three articles submitted to the Toronto Law Journal were written by men.

[Feminist Law Profs Flawg]

[Toronto Law Journal]

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