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Employment Scores: The Fracked Fifteen

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[Update: Santa Clara and Toledo both disputed LST's scores. LST updated their scores after receiving better data, and neither school remains on this list. You can read more about what happened here.]

We've been crunching the Law School Transparency employment data and compiled this list of the Fracked Fifteen Thucked Thirteen, the fifteen thirteen law schools with higher Under-Employment Scores than Employment Scores. They represent 8.5% 7.3% of all schools where both scores could be determined.

For the uninitiated, the Employment Score refers only to people employed in jobs that requires bar passage; it includes clerkships, and excludes short term firm jobs and solo practices. The Under-Employment Score includes those who are unemployed, in part-time jobs, non-professional jobs, or are pursuing another degree. There are some jobs not included in either category, such as full-time professional jobs, and some jobs are included in both categories, such as part-time legal work.

We've also included the school's vanilla unemployment rate (for comparison, the national unemployment rate 9 months after the class of 2010 graduated was 9.0%). Keep in mind that some schools may have Under-Employment Scores and unemployment rates that are artificially low due to low response rates from alumni.


15. Ave Maria School of Law

Employment Score: 36.9%

Under-Employment Score: 38.1%

Different: -1.2%

Unemployment Rate: 28.6%


14. Thomas M Cooley Law School

Employment Score: 21.7%

Under-Employment Score: 23.1%

Difference: -1.4%

Unemployment Rate: 17.7%


13.Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Employment Score: 19.5%

Under-Employment Score: 22.2%

Difference: -2.7%

Unemployment Rate: 9.5%


12. John Marshall Law School - Atlanta

Employment Score: 24.7%

Under-Employment Score: 28.3%

Difference: -3.6%

Unemployment Rate: 7.8%


11. University of Detroit Mercy

Employment Score: 27.8%

Under-Employment Score: 31.8%

Difference: -4.0%

Unemployment Rate: 18%


10. Florida Coastal School of Law

Employment Score: 30.9%

Under-Employment Score: 37.6%

Difference: -6.7%

Unemployment Rate: 7.4%


9. University of Toledo

Employment Score: 37.9%

Under-Employment Score: 45.3%

Difference: -7.4%

Unemployment Rate: 8.7%


8. Western New England College of Law

Employment Score: 30.1%

Under-Employment Score: 40.5%

Difference: -10.4%

Unemployment Rate: 17.4%


7. Champan University

Employment Score: 35.1%

Under-Employment Score: 46.8%

Difference: -11.7%

Unemployment Rate: 16.4%


6. Whittier Law School

Employment Score: 18.1%

Under-Employment Score: 31.2%

Difference: -13.1%

Unemployment Rate: 7.2%


5. Barry University

Employment Score: 24.4%

Under-Employment Score: 37.6%

Difference: -13.2%

Unemployment Rate: 28.4%


4. University of San Francisco

Employment Score: 40.8%

Under-Employment Score: 55.9%

Difference: -15.1%

Unemployment Rate: 8.4%


3. Golden Gate University

Employment Score: 23%

Under-Employment Score: 42.5%

Difference: -19.5%

Unemployment Rate: 15.5%


2. Florida A&M University

Employment Score: 20.2%

Under-Employment Score: 45.2%

Difference: -25.0%

Unemployment Rate: 26.7%

1. Santa Clara University

Employment Score: 53.1%

Under-Employment Score: 81.3%

Difference: -28.2%

Unemployment Rate: 20.0%


There are another 5 schools that comprise a list of dishonorable mention. Their Employment Score is lower than their combined Under-Employment Score and unknown employment status rates. They are: California Western School of Law, Texas Wesleyan, New England School of Law, Liberty University, Capital University.

And then there are these 16 schools which do not provide enough data to calculate either an Employment Score or Unemployment Score: Appalachian School of Law, Boston University, Florida International University, Georgia State University, Indiana University - Indianapolis, Inter American University, New York University, North Carolina Central University, Phoenix School of Law, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, University of La Verne, University of Puerto Rico, University of Richmond, University of South Dakota, University of Southern California, and University of The District of Columbia.

[LST Employment Data Clearinghouse]

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