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Large Numbers of Law - Disputed Employment Scores

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Two weeks ago we posted a list of schools with more graduates under-employed than in full time legal jobs, The Fracked Fifteen. Since that time two schools, Santa Clara and Toledo, have challenged the Employment and Under-Employment Scores calculated by Law School Transparency. The updated LST scores remove both of these schools from the Fracked list.

Toledo originally had a Employment/Under-Employment Scores of 37.9/45.3. Santa Clara's scores were 53.1/81.3.

Toledo's new numbers are 43.5 and 17.4.

Santa Clara's new numbers are 53.8 and 30.8.


The two schools also contacted us.

In a comment on our original article, Julia Yaffee, Santa Clara's Senior Assistant Dean of External Communications (why do non-academic admins get called Dean?) said:

Law School Transparency used incomplete data when they initially applied their algorithm to determine an "Unemployment Score" for Santa Clara. We are providing them additional employment data for the class of 2010 and expect them to post a revised - and more accurate score early next week.

In an e-mail sent to us yesterday, Toledo's Rachel Phillips, Assistant Dean of Communications, said:

LST used incomplete/incorrect data in their Clearinghouse’s “Key Stats” section, producing a lower employment score and higher unemployment score for Toledo Law than we actually have and leading to our inclusion on your list.

Wow, LST really screwed the pooch here. This is just embarrassing. Really the only thing worse than using incomplete and incorrect employment data is being the original source of the bad numbers.

Yeah, you guessed it. Santa Clara and Toledo were the original sources for the bad data LST relied on for its clearinghouse. You wouldn't know that from the tone of their messages though. They put the blame on LST for using the data, without even the slightest hint that the schools themselves were responsible. No mea culpa, just putting the blame on a group of unpaid volunteers and hoping no one notices.

But we did notice. So, while we're willing to scrub your names from the list of the Fracked Fifteen, we're creating a new list. Introducing:

The Douchenozzle Duo

2. University of Toledo

1. Santa Clara


We gave Toledo the better rank because in response to the problems with the LST numbers they have decided to publish their NALP report. Santa Clara, despite having huge problems with the numbers they have made public, still thinks it's a good idea to keep their employment data hidden. Also, 61 graduates of Santa Clara were unemployment 9 months after graduation. Not under-employed working at Starbuck's or doing a part-time doc review gig. They were straight up unemployed. 61 out of a class of 305. 20%.

Twenty fracking percent.


Constitutional Daily has a higher employment rate.

[LST Clearinghouse Update]

[The Fracked Fifteen Thucked Thirteen]

[More Large Numbers of Law]

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