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The Law of Superheroes - James Daily and Ryan Davidson

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If Professor X reads your thoughts, can he testify to what he learns in a court of law? What are Atlantis's territorial waters? Why is Hawkman allowed to appear in court in mask but sans shirt?

These are the sorts of questions James Daily and Ryan Davidson discuss in their book The Law of Superheroes. Daily and Davidson are pracitcing attorneys in the areas of intellectual property and insurance litigation, respectively, and are co-authors of the popular law blog Law and the Multiverse.

The Law of Superheroes does a great job of compiling pretty much every legal issue that superheroes might ever have to deal with, and it tackles them in a way that is intelligent and well informed, but without getting bogged down in the sort of professorial slog that tends to accompany hypothetical legal discussions. The book doesn't need much more description than that. It's exactly what you think it is. Only complaint is that Daily and Davidson put "J.D." after their names on the cover. Juggernaut has more tact than that.


I am left wondering though, who exactly is this a book for?

The obvious target audience is lawyers who are in to comic books, but that's a pretty small slice of the market. And frankly, they might not be the best audience for it.

Many of the issues, while novel, are not terribly complicated. If you've passed the bar exam, you could probably think them through on your own and come up with the same answer. So for a practicing attorney the book is more a list of superhero legal issues, without a ton of insight.

The best reader for this book would be someone who has a strong interest in comics, but lacks a good foundation in law. It would be especially useful for fiction writers who need a primer on these issues without shelling out $150,000 in law school tuition. But, since our audience here is generally in the legal industry, that's not exactly a useful tip for many of you.

So here's who we're going to recommend the book for: 0Ls and 3Ls.

Pre-law students can use the book as an easy way of becoming introduced to a wide array of legal issues. 3Ls can use the book as a way of studying for the bar exam.

...Yeah. I'm actually going to make that claim. Hear me out.

I didn't say recent grads studying for the bar exam should use it. I said 3Ls, and I mean people still in their third year of school who really have little business worrying about the bar exam already. The Law of Superheroes is an entertaining read, so it's not going to ruin your last semester of freedom, but at the same time, many of the issues covered and traditional bread and butter bar exam topics. Like with 0Ls, it's a good introduction to a subject you haven't studied before (especially if you didn't take crim pro), and it's a decent enough refresher for those 1L classes you've been trying to forget.

Buy The Law of Superheroes in hardback from Amazon, or in Kindle edition.

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