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Vermont legislature considers giving old people all their drugs at once

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The Vermont legislature is considering an assisted suicide bill, and no, this isn't a joke about letting Vermont Law School die with dignity. Though we could make a Vermont Law School suicide joke. And in fact, we will.

Just how many cars do you have to leave running in Debevoise Hall to kill Vermont Law School?

Or in the alternative:

I bet it's going to be hell arranging a murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-murder-suicide pact.


The bill is modeled on Oregon's law, and would allow a terminally ill patient with less than six months to live to be prescribed a lethal dose of barbiturates, but only after seeking a second opinion to confirm the terminality of the disease, and only after the patient has made three requests within a 15 day period, two oral and one written.

Disability advocates oppose the bill, claiming that sick people will be unduly influenced by their family's wishes to get grandma out of the way. Or some nonsense. Because apparently being terminally ill and suffering means you're no longer a moral agent, capable of making your own decisions. ...Maybe we're misunderstanding the term advocate here. Shouldn't advocates want these people to have as many rights available as possible, and give them the option of reducing their own suffering? Folks can get confusing some times.

And it's not just the disability rights people, the far right people are also confusing on this one. On the one hand, you can't be given a lethal dose of pain killers to help you die peacefully and with dignity (and by "give" we mean prescribe, the doctor doesn't actually stick you with the needle), but on the other hand you can walk into a gun store in Vermont and without a license or any waiting period, you can pick up a gun and go blow your brains out.

Vermont must have an incredible powerful crime scene cleanup lobby.

[Press Herald]

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