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Do you even need to shave overhead?

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It's that thing that constantly eats away at the few fees you manage to get your clients to actually pay. What a bother! If only there were a way to reduce it. Well, there is. You simply start cutting out all the bells and whistles that nickle and dime your practice.

But wait! Before you do that, you need to consider the harm it will do to your practice.

Going with an e-fax service over a traditional fax-dedicated landline could save you as much as $60/mo, or $720 a year. But, as old-timey as they are, traditional faxes are still an important form of communication in the legal industry. Saving $720 a year is great, but if $720 will make or break your firm, you have got bigger problems. $720 should not be enough to matter.

And it's not just about reducing costs. Some people try to eliminate overhead by avoiding upgrades to their office. Take getting a great scanner like a $430 ScanSnap. Why the hell not? If $430 will be a hardship for you, your firm is in trouble.

This is all to say that despite the pressure to reduce your overhead and maximize your profit margin, these small expenses should be no-brainers. $430 or $720 should not be enough to matter. If it doesn't make much difference in your bottom line, go crazy. Get every little new piece of technology that will provide better service to your clients and make your life easier. But if it is enough to make a real difference, that's a problem. You should try having that not be a problem. Have you considered increasing your revenues? If you increase your revenues by enough, you won't have to worry about how much you spend on overhead. Try doing that, making enough money that your expenses don't matter.

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