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Slap on the Wrist for "Non-Consensual Sex" - Lampshade, Esq.

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Grads are the New Illegals - Robot Pimp

Meet Entitlement Eric - Robot Pimp

Wherein I Solve World Peace - Lampshade, Esq.

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Constitutional Daily Grand Launching

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Welcome to Constitutional Daily. Of the many great websites bringing news, humor, and ill informed opinions to the legal community, we are one of them.  We here at Con Daily are dedicated to bringing you the finest fact gathering and analysis when it comes to all the legal news you care about.  Or, failing that, providing links to other folks who do that sort of thing.

But, we're more than just a news blog.  In fact, we're hardly a news blog at all.  Forget all that news stuff, it's mostly just an SEO ploy anyways.

The heart and soul of Con Daily is our crack team of columnists:

The Philadelphia Lawyer, bringing the kind of piercing, no-holds-barred analysis that comes only from combining whiskey, rage, and billable hours.

The Namby Pamby, a man who has every reason to hate the legal practice, but still finds love for it, without resorting to self-help cliches about following your passion.

Dr. Rob Dobrenski, a real doctor, not just a JD. Well, a PhD, so not a real doctor either, but closer than the rest of us.  Dr. Rob is a practicing psychologist and will provide you with keen insights into the lawyer mind, such as it is.

The Robot Pimp, providing cutting edge insight into the ever important intersection of behavioral economics, law practice management, and robotics.

Shadow Hand, serving as a reminder that there is always a younger generation in the law school pipeline, not yet fully aware of the horrors that lie in store.

And finally, our Editor in Chief, BL1Y, a defunct big law attorney, chronicling his misadventures as a writer at heart, lawyer by training, and general all around failure by any measurable standard.

We are also proud to present the much anticipated second season of Blind Drunk Justice, as well as a cross-posting of the Down by Lawcast.

We hope that you find something here that you enjoy, because if you can't do that, then you must be a very sad person.  Probably a lawyer of some sort.

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Philadelphia Lawyer, Unfiltered

The finest blend of analysis, advice, and fury on the internet. Sour mash, oak barrel aged, published at cask strength.


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The Robot Pimp

An in depth look at the emerging intersection of law, behavioral economics, and robots.

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The Tenure Paradox

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Practice Makes Putrid

Legal practice would be all rainbows and buttercups, if it weren't for the clients, and opposing counsel, and co-counsel, and judges, and the law.

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Eat Mor Fiv Freedums

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Gin and Glannon's

As Shadow Hand suffers through law school, the rest of us get a little Schadenfreude.

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I Just Work Here

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Irresistible Impulse

Dr. Rob Dobrenski's daring expedition into the psychology of lawyers and the law. (Not a substitute for a life well lived.)

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You're Not a Failure, You're a Narcissist

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Graphic and Gratuitous

Sometimes cartoons are the highest form of communication. Those times are known as "most of the time."

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Intelligence: The Gathering

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There And Never Back Again

Defunct Big Law attorney BL1Y shares his misadventures as a writer who accidentally went to law school.


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Lampshade, Esquire

We're dealing with some technical difficulties here. Hold up a minute.

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News, humor, and other non-billables from our underpaid, uncredited, unsexy staff.


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