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Get Flossy, Get Ahead

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Are you getting interview after interview, but never managing to get a job? Have potential clients walk in for a consultation but never convert into a source of revenue? Partners passing you over and giving assignments to other attorneys you believe are less qualified?

The problem may be your hygiene, and the solution as simple as brushing your teeth.

Let's face it, dealing with lawyers is never a pleasant experience, not even for other lawyers. Why make that experience any more painful by adding stinky breath to the mix? And, with how much coffee you're drinking, lox and onions you pile on your everything bagel for breakfast, and Chinese, Indian or garlicky pizza you stuff down for lunch, odds are your breath is pretty ripe.

Time for an upgrade!

You might think that popping a couple mints, using a breath spray, or chewing some gum will solve the problem. Sorry, but the problem goes deeper, down in the crevices between your teeth, and these minty quick fixes don't remove the offending odor. They just mask it for a few minutes; long enough for a make-out session, but not for briefing a client on his business structure.


What you'll want to do is invest in a good, solid toothbrush. These can be purchased at any drug or grocery store, as well as all of the big boxes. Cheaper tooth brushes, with a simple square design and uniform bristles, will only set you back about $2-3. But, if you have it in your budget, spend a few dollars more to get one with higher quality bristles that are pointed in different directions and an ergonomic handle. These may run you as much as $5, and for about a dollar more, you can get one with micro-vibration technology, which will help the bristles really get in to the tight spots and dislodge remnants of your more recent meal.

If you really feel like splurging, you can get an electric tooth brush with an oscillating head. These can go beyond merely brushing your teeth, and actually act as a bit of tooth-buffer to give your pearly whites the shine they deserve. But, the price is probably not worth it. The micro-vibration tooth brushes are almost as good, and at a fraction of the price. They're also lighter, have more comfortable grips, and are easier to pack when you travel.

Stay away from the Colgate Wisp and other miniature disposable tooth brushes. These don't do a lot for actual brushing, and are really just very showy breath mints. You might like being able to keep them in your purse or desk at work, but you'll be better off investing in a second tooth brush, as well as a plastic case, and keeping that at work. Sorry, but there's no real short cuts to good oral hygiene.


After getting a great tooth brush you'll need a great toothpaste. And, luckily they're almost all the same as far as fighting plaque and bad breath germs are concerned. Just try a few out and pick the one with a flavor you enjoy. Remember, if you don't like the taste, you're not going to use it, and if you don't use it, ...well, it doesn't make your breath fresh by staying in the tube!

One word of caution, cinnamon flavored toothpastes might give off an odor that offends people even more than coffee breath. Other than that though, you're pretty much free to choose whatever you like best, and make sure to keep a second tube at work to go with your work tooth brush. If you don't want a full tube, most drug stores have a travel section with small versions of their items. Your selection will be limited, but they tend to shrink down the more popular brands, so odds are you'll find something you can be happy with.


Finally, to round out your mouth upkeep team you'll want to get some high quality dental floss. Don't be pulled in by some offering very low prices. With dental floss, quality drops off even faster than the price. Unless you want some seriously bleeding gums, you've got to go high end. Remember, this is an investment in yourself and your law practice.

We recommend the Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss. It's going to cost you a few dollars, but it's well worth it. It's slides easier, which means less tearing up your gums, and the case is hip enough to hang out right alongside your iPhone.


That's it! Use each of these products after every meal and we're certain that you'll notice a more positive mood in not only yourself, but those around you. Your fresh breath will have a positive impact on coworkers and clients, and you should start seeing new work landing on your desk in just days.

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