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"It also just simply has a man in a dog suit who smokes pot."

- Elijha Wood, discussing the premise of Wilfred.

I generally try to avoid watching Lawyer TV shows because they tend to get three really important things wrong, (1) the law, (2) the people, and (3) the culture. For lay people, these shows might be entertaining, but I mostly just find myself getting frustrated with how stupid and lazy the concepts are.

Then, along comes Wilfred. Elijah Wood plays Ryan Newman, a successful attorney who had just been canned from his big law practice. In the opening scene, after going through several revisions of his suicide note, he attempts to kill himself with a drug overdose. Not really spoiling anything here, since it's the first episode you kinda already know what's going to happen: he lives.

And then something strange happens. He now sees his neighbor's dog as not a dog at all, but a full grown man in a dog costume, with an Australian accent. The two begin to form a symbiotic relationship. Wilfred needs company while his owner is away at work all day. Ryan needs someone to help him get some perspective on his life, which Wilfred provides by egging him into doing some really stupid stuff that's totally out of character, while sabotaging him behind his back. That's what friends are for. It's Fight Club, with Tyler Durden in a dog suit.


Some of the jokes are the easy, obvious things you'd see from the likes of Everybody Loves Raymond or Two and a Half Men. But, these are more than made up for by the more subtle, almost deadpan jokes delivered by two very convincing actors.

The show isn't about the law, and it's not yet particularly relevant that Ryan was a lawyer as opposed to any other high-powered professional. But, Wilfred is a show for lawyers. If you want to see poorly acted, unbelievable courtroom dramas without one ounce of believable procedure, ...go kill yourself, because the world doesn't need people with that bad of taste in TV shows. It's the tone and message of Wilfred that makes it a show for lawyers.

Ryan is an extremely intelligent guy who did all the right things in his education and career, and the world has just shit on him until he's become a complete and utter wimp. He wants to shit right back on the world, but lacks the balls and the know how. What lawyers out there don't feel this way?

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