Jacob De La Paz, a former Louisiana math teacher and coach at St. Thomas Moore in Lafayette, he was arrested by federal agents for sending an explicit Snapchat video to a minor student.

The recent spate of arrests of over 25 school employees for sexual misconduct with students in just one week is alarming. The surge in such cases has become a nationwide epidemic, where teachers, counselors, and other staff members, both men, and women, are targeting students for sexual gratification. The offenses range from sending explicit text messages, performing sex acts in classrooms, to engaging in sexual relationships with students for several years.

In Indiana, high school teacher Paige Simon, 28, was arrested for allegedly touching a male student’s groin in front of classmates and sending him 600 text messages, including some with explicit language and discussion of sex toys. When the 15-year-old stopped corresponding with her, Simon continued to pursue him, even showing up to one of his baseball games. The victim’s parents discovered the messages and contacted the authorities.

In California, Rebekah Blackwell-Taylor, a teacher at Orange Vista High School in Riverside County, was arrested for allegedly performing a sex act on a student inside a classroom. She was booked on charges of “annoying and molesting a child under the age of 18 and additional felony charges,” authorities said.

In New Jersey, 27-year-old teacher’s aide and marching band director Michelle Jacoby was taken into custody for allegedly sleeping with a student for several years beginning when he was a freshman. The victim reported the relationship to another teacher at Riverside High School in Burlington County, who then contacted the police.

Michele Little, 29, a teacher at Sarasota Military High School in Florida, was arrested for engaging in sexual activity with a student during school hours. She had hung a sign on her door, saying a test was in session so she could be alone with a student. The pair allegedly kissed in the classroom for 15 minutes. Rumors about the incident soon began to fly, and Little was eventually taken into custody following a police investigation.

Meanwhile, in Florida, the police arrested a Tampa middle school teacher’s assistant, Ricky Broadnax, 55, for possession and distribution of child pornography. After receiving a tip, the police searched Broadnax’s home and discovered a safe with images of child pornography on data storage devices. Although there is no evidence that any of his students were victims, the investigation is still ongoing.

The recent wave of arrests underscores the seriousness of the problem of sexual misconduct in schools. Educators are entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the welfare of their students, and it is unacceptable for them to exploit their position of power for sexual gratification. School authorities need to step up efforts to prevent such incidents and hold perpetrators accountable. Students must feel safe in their classrooms, and they must be able to trust their teachers and other school staff members. The consequences of sexual misconduct can be devastating for victims, and the perpetrators must face severe consequences for their actions.



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