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The Carter G. Woodson houses in Brooklyn is a place for elders and seniors to live peacefully and with no harm whatsoever. It has been ran by the NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) for decades now.

However, that all changed in January 2021 when the late Juanita Caballero was killed with a telephone cord wrapped around her neck. And that wasn’t the first time something like that happened at the Woodson Houses.

The NYCHA repeatedly received security requests from the residents of the Woodson Houses, and even with prior deaths in 2015 and 2019, nothing had changed.

And unfortunately, these deaths were all attributed to Kevin Gavin, a serial killer who terrorized the Woodson houses for six years, and yet the NYCHA was negligent in providing adequate security to protect their residents from Gavin.

Residents had been asking the NYCHA for years to improve their security, and even though there was a plan to increase the amount of security cameras in the building, that had never happened due to budgetary restrictions.

So, how did this all happen?

Lead Westchester county personal injury attorney Adam Deutsch is leading the charge by filing a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the late Caballero.

“You’re not allowed to live in an NYCHA building with a criminal record,” attorney Adam Deutsch told the New York Post. “He should never have been in the building, irrespective of the clear lack of security. […] Clearly, when there [are] multiple murders you can’t just sit back and wait, you have to do something affirmative.”

The family is seeking $25,000,000 in damages from the NYCHA, and the litigation is still ongoing, even though it was filed in January 2021. We will update this story as soon as the lawsuit is resolved.

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