In a shocking twist of events, a Google executive was allegedly fired for rejecting his female boss’s “grabby advances” during a posh company dinner. Ryan Olohan, who was promoted to managing director of food, beverages, and restaurants, has filed a blockbuster federal lawsuit against Google and Tiffany Miller, one of its top executives. Olohan claims that Miller groped him at a restaurant in Chelsea, complimented his abs, and made inappropriate comments about his love for Asian women. It’s reported that Miller is also Asian.

According to court papers, Olohan reported the incident to Google’s human resources department, but nothing was done. In fact, he claims that Miller retaliated against him, criticising him and reporting him for “microaggressions.” The lawsuit also states that Miller drunkenly berated Olohan at another company event in April 2022 and mocked him for his preference for Asian women. Olohan says he felt increasing pressure from his supervisor, who told him there were “too many white guys” on his team.

Despite his hard work and dedication, Olohan was fired from Google for being “non-inclusive.” The reason? He allegedly showed favouritism towards high-performing employees and commented on other employees’ “walking pace.” The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages and names both Google and Miller as defendants, accusing them of discrimination, retaliation, and fostering a hostile work environment.

It’s a stark reminder that sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace can happen to anyone, regardless of gender. But there’s a silver lining to this story – Olohan has found a new job as the executive vice president of growth at the Klick Group, an advertising company focused on life sciences. Hopefully, this case will encourage more companies to take a hard look at their human resources policies and ensure that their employees feel safe and supported in their work environment.

Click the PDF image below to download the complaint filed by Olahan in the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York

Olahan Google Lawsuit Complaint


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