A teacher at York Middle School has been arrested and subsequently fired from her job after reportedly slapping a 13-year-old student within the school premises. The York Police Department has charged Mary Katherine Long with third-degree assault and battery, and she turned herself in at the police department on Monday, but was released on bond.

As per the police report, the incident occurred last Thursday when the student was allegedly “play slapping” with a friend while the class was lining up, and Long had asked them to stop. When they did not stop, Long reportedly went over to the student and slapped him on the right cheek with the back of her left hand while stating, “How would you like it if someone slapped you?”

One other student also reported seeing Long slap the student. Following the incident, the student reported the incident to the authorities, and the school district placed Long on administrative leave. However, as of Friday, she is no longer employed with the district.

This incident has raised concerns about teacher-student violence in schools and calls for investigations into the root causes of such incidents. It is essential to create a safe and positive learning environment in schools, and such violent behavior should never be tolerated. The matter is currently under investigation by the York Police Department.

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