Davante Adams, a star player for the Raiders, is facing a civil lawsuit arising from an incident that occurred following a game in October. After a dramatic loss to the Chiefs on Monday night last season, Adams shoved a media worker who held credentials, causing the man to fall. The media worker, Park Zebley, who was working as a freelance photographer for ESPN at the game, claims to have suffered injuries including whiplash, headaches, and a minor concussion due to the shove.

Following the October 10 incident, Adams was charged with misdemeanor assault. Now, seven and a half months later, Zebley has decided to file a lawsuit against Adams, the Raiders, the Chiefs, the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority, and Landmark Events Staffing, as reported by the Kansas City Star.

In a statement to the Star, Zebley expressed his reasons for the lawsuit, stating, “A municipal misdemeanor battery charge is not sufficient… I’m looking for justice. You can’t shove someone down and walk off like it didn’t happen. Not in real life.”

The lawsuit alleges one count of battery against Adams, one count of vicarious liability and ratification, and one count of negligent supervision against the Raiders. Zebley also includes the Chiefs, the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority, and Landmark Events Staffing, claiming they failed to provide adequate on-field security.

Furthermore, Zebley mentions the aftermath of the incident, noting that his identity was leaked online, leading to harassment and death threats from Raiders fans. He sought counseling and had to stay away from his apartment out of concern for his safety.

Zebley’s attorney, Dan Curry, explains that his client is seeking compensation for the pain and suffering he has endured in recent months. “We’re in the beginning stages of this, but (Zebley) is looking for compensation for what happened to him, and if a jury has to decide, then that’s who’ll decide,” Curry stated.

Adams had initially apologized for the incident on Twitter back in October but later deleted the tweet. The NFL did not impose any punishment on Adams, although a potential suspension may still be considered. According to NFL.com, the league will await the outcome of the legal process before deciding on any disciplinary measures.

Adams is scheduled to appear in court for the misdemeanor charge on June 26, while a case management conference for the lawsuit has been set for August 23.

Watch the incident below:

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