Lisa Marra, former Elections Director for Cochise County, has been awarded a $130,000 settlement in response to allegations of a hostile work setting, as reported by the Sierra Vista Herald/Review on Wednesday.

Marra procured the settlement via the county’s risk management insurer after filing a notice of constructive discharge against the rural Arizona county in January. She claimed that she was coerced by two members of the Board of Supervisors to participate in a manual recount of the 2022 midterm election ballots. This pressure came from a desire to placate certain constituents who held suspicions about the legitimacy of the election results.

Having served Cochise County for a decade, Marra declined to assist in the proposed ballot recount, viewing it as a potentially unlawful activity.

Negotiations between Marra’s attorney and the Arizona County Insurance Pool eventually led to her resignation under duress.

Marra has since assumed the position of Deputy Director of Elections with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office.

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