A Florida court has issued a summons in a lawsuit filed by Disney against Governor Ron DeSantis, stemming from a 2019 trip to Israel. The lawsuit alleges that DeSantis violated the state’s constitution by holding a cabinet meeting in Israel, which was closed to the public and members of the press.

The plaintiffs, which include Disney and several news organizations, claim that the closed-door meeting contravened Florida’s Sunshine Law, which requires that government meetings be open and accessible to the public. The law aims to ensure transparency and promote public participation in the decision-making process.

Governor DeSantis and other state officials traveled to Israel in May 2019 for a trade mission, during which the disputed cabinet meeting took place. The trip was intended to strengthen economic ties between Florida and Israel, with discussions focusing on issues such as water quality, emergency management, and cybersecurity.

The lawsuit seeks a declaration that the meeting violated the Sunshine Law, as well as an injunction preventing future violations. Additionally, the plaintiffs are requesting that any actions taken during the meeting be declared null and void.

Governor DeSantis has not yet publicly responded to the summons, and it remains to be seen how the case will proceed. The outcome could have implications for future trade missions and the way government officials conduct business while abroad.

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