Jesse Gonzales

Las Cruces police have apprehended Jesse Gonzales, a 38-year-old resident of Las Cruces, on charges of criminal forceful sexual penetration and false imprisonment against a woman. The arrest took place on Thursday following an incident reported to officers at Memorial Medical Center on Wednesday.

According to Gonzales’ arrest affidavit, it was revealed that the victim had traveled with Gonzales, who identified himself as Eric, from Anthony, New Mexico, to Las Cruces. The incident allegedly occurred at 416 Colorado Avenue in Las Cruces.

As per the victim’s statement to the police, upon entering the residence, Gonzales displayed aggressive behavior, pushing her and directing her to a bedroom. He then demanded that she remove her clothes without her consent, as outlined in the statement of facts. Despite her fear, the victim complied due to Gonzales’ imposing physical stature, described as an “extremely large body frame.” Gonzales, standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 280 pounds, reportedly proceeded to remove the victim’s clothes and sexually penetrated her.

The victim further stated that Gonzales pinned her down onto the bed, resulting in visible bruising on her arms. He threatened her with physical harm if she tried to leave the bedroom. However, when Gonzales fell asleep, the victim managed to contact a Lyft driver for assistance and attempted to leave. Gonzales woke up during her departure and tried to prevent her from leaving, but she successfully escaped and sought help at the Community of Hope, contacting authorities thereafter.

Gonzales has been arrested and charged with criminal sexual penetration (force/coercion) and false imprisonment. He is currently held at the Doña Ana County Jail without bond. Law enforcement will continue to investigate the case, ensuring that justice is served for the victim.

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