The City of Minneapolis has reached a settlement in a lawsuit resulting from a peculiar incident involving a Minneapolis Police Officer and a can of sparkling water that led to a rear-end collision.

The lawsuit, Charles Orange v. City of Minneapolis, outlined the incident in which a police squad car was traveling westbound on Dowling Avenue North when an officer accidentally dropped a can of sparkling water. While attempting to retrieve the fallen can, the officer rear-ended the vehicle in which Charles Orange was a passenger. The crash caused damage to the rear of Orange’s vehicle and the front of the squad car.

After negotiations, a settlement amounting to $12,000 was agreed upon between the Minneapolis Police Department, the City Attorney’s Office, and the plaintiff. The City Attorney’s Office released a statement asserting that the settlement was deemed to be in the best interest of the city and recommended approval by the City Council.

In addition to the vehicle damage, Orange experienced injuries to his neck, as well as low back and shoulder pain, prompting the lawsuit seeking compensation for personal injuries.

The settlement of $12,000 reflects the resolution reached between the parties involved, as the Minneapolis Police Department and the City Attorney’s Office deemed it an appropriate course of action in light of the circumstances. The agreement will now be presented for approval by the City Council.

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