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Charles Olsen, a resident of Rockland County, is taking legal action against McDonald’s following a severe allergic reaction he experienced after consuming a Big Mac with a misplaced slice of cheese. Despite the incident, Olsen continues to patronize McDonald’s but now strictly orders plain burgers to avoid potential allergens.

The mishap occurred in February 2021 when Olsen, who suffers from a severe milk allergy, took a bite of his Big Mac and immediately went into anaphylactic shock. Rushed to the hospital, Olsen feared for his life as he struggled to breathe.

According to Olsen, he had placed his usual order via DoorDash, explicitly requesting “No Cheese,” a modification he had made numerous times without incident. However, upon receiving his order, there was no indication that his request had been overlooked.

The incident has left Olsen cautious about dining out, and he now avoids restaurants that may serve dishes containing cheese. He has resorted to ordering plain burgers to mitigate the risk of a similar occurrence.

McDonald’s has refrained from commenting on the lawsuit, but the franchise owner has stated that they are taking the complaint seriously and reviewing the claims.

Olsen’s attorney, Jory Lange , emphasized the importance of restaurants listening to their customers, particularly in cases involving food allergies, which he described as a “life or death issue.”

The lawsuit filed by Olsen includes evidence of his order requesting no cheese, highlighting the potential dangers posed by food allergies and the need for greater vigilance in food service establishments.

The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the serious consequences that can arise from food allergies and the importance of ensuring that restaurants adhere to customer requests to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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