Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, a non-profit organization serving South Carolina, has filed a lawsuit seeking a temporary restraining order against a recently enacted six-week abortion ban.

Governor Henry McMaster signed the Fetal Heartbeat and Protection From Abortion Act into law during a closed ceremony on Thursday, May 25.

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, along with Greenville Women’s Clinic and two physician-plaintiffs, filed the lawsuit in state court with the aim of blocking Senate Bill 474, which prohibits abortion after approximately six weeks of pregnancy.

Jenny Black, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, expressed her disappointment in the new law and its impact on individuals’ private healthcare decisions. She emphasized that the decision of whether to have a child is deeply personal and should not be dictated by politicians. Black further stated that the organization will continue to fight for patients’ autonomy and access to necessary healthcare. The hope is for the court to swiftly take action in blocking this restrictive abortion ban.

A hearing for the lawsuit has been scheduled for Friday morning, and it is anticipated that there will be protestors present.

Read the entire lawsuit below:
Final to File Complaint w Exhibit May 25

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