A student-athlete from Providence College is currently facing charges related to gun possession and domestic assault. The accused, a member of the college’s basketball team, was arrested following an altercation involving his girlfriend.

Local police responded to a call regarding a domestic dispute at an off-campus apartment. Upon arrival, the officers encountered the student-athlete and his girlfriend, who had sustained injuries consistent with an assault. The basketball player was taken into custody, and a search of his apartment revealed an unregistered firearm.

The college has released a statement expressing its concern over the incident and affirming its commitment to providing a safe environment for all students. The school is cooperating fully with the ongoing police investigation and will also conduct its own internal review.

The student-athlete, whose identity has not been disclosed, is currently suspended from the basketball team pending the outcome of the investigation. It is unclear whether the accused will face additional disciplinary actions from the college or potential consequences from the NCAA.

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