After months of eluding process servers, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has finally been served with a summons and complaint in the class-action lawsuit involving the collapse of FTX. The lawsuit also includes other celebrities, such as Tom Brady. The news of O’Neal being served came to light during Tuesday night’s Heat-Celtics NBA game, where O’Neal was working for TNT.

Attorney Adam Moskowitz confirmed that O’Neal was personally served during the game, which took place at the FTX Center before the company’s downfall. This method of serving ensures that O’Neal cannot employ any delay tactics, according to Moskowitz. The timing of the serving was strategically planned since they knew O’Neal would be in the outside broadcasting booth adjacent to the fans.

This development came to our attention when a PFT reader, who attended the game, alerted us to a commotion that had taken place. The reader managed to photograph the front page of a copy of the summons, confirming that O’Neal had been served.

O’Neal has now been served with the original FTX lawsuit filed by the Moskowitz firm, as well as a new lawsuit regarding the Astrals Project, an NFT/crypto offering. The allegations in the new crypto complaint are grave, outlining how O’Neal, his son, and his business partner founded the NFT Metaverse and made repeated promises of active involvement, causing the value of the NFTs to supposedly skyrocket. However, once the FTX fraud was exposed, O’Neal seemingly disappeared and has not been heard from since.

O’Neal now has 20 days to respond to both complaints, and the lawsuits continue to unfold as the legal process moves forward.

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