daily mail lawsuit

On Monday, Prince Harry attended the first hearing of a lawsuit in which he and other celebrities, including Elton John and Elizabeth Hurley, accuse the publisher of the Daily Mail of phone-tapping and privacy breaches. The legal action alleges that Associated Newspapers committed “gross breaches of privacy” and “abhorrent criminal activity” by hiring private investigators to place listening devices in people’s homes and cars, intercepting private phone calls, paying police officials for sensitive information, and impersonating individuals to obtain medical information.

The hearing considered the initial legal arguments, and a judge will decide whether the case can proceed further. Associated Newspapers denies the allegations and has called them “preposterous smears.” The case will be heard over four days in London.

Despite being in London, Prince Harry is not scheduled to meet with his father, King Charles, or his brother, Prince William, this week, according to sources in both camps. The royals’ apparent lack of enthusiasm for meeting with Harry will crush any remaining hopes he may have had for face-to-face talks before the coronation. Harry has said that he would like to discuss the allegations against his wife and receive an apology before attending the coronation, but sources close to the royals say they do not believe they have anything to apologize for and will make no such gesture.

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