Ryan Keeler, a student-athlete at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, was discovered unresponsive in his apartment on February 20, 2023. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department provided a case report stating that at 1:10 pm, UNLV officers called the LVMPD dispatch requesting police to respond to an unconscious student inside an apartment. Upon arrival, police discovered that Keeler was pronounced dead at the scene, and an empty prescription bottle was found nearby.

According to the report, the director of sports medicine at UNLV, Alfredo Castillo, informed the police that Keeler had visited him previously and had been prescribed medication on February 17. However, the report did not specify the type of medication.

UNLV officer J. Orduno stated that defensive line coach Julio Garcia went to check on Keeler’s welfare and found him unconscious and cold to the touch. Garcia then called 911.

When police interviewed a friend of Keeler, the friend stated that Keeler had been feeling sick and experiencing nausea for the past week before he was found unconscious. The friend mentioned that he had spent time with Keeler the day before he was discovered and dropped him off at his apartment, stating that Keeler was feeling better at the time.

The police report did not identify the friend who was interviewed.

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